Bonneville Dam

Since 2003, PBS has served as an on-site hazardous materials and health/safety consultant for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) operations at Bonneville Dam. Work to date has included asbestos/lead testing, remediation plans, environmental compliance, and assigning an on-site representative to meet the continual environmental monitoring needs of the site. Specific projects include:

  • Dam (Lead, Chromium and PCB Soil Testing)
  • Service Center Lead & O.V. Monitoring
  • Gate Repair Pit Lead Monitoring
  • Gate Repair HEPA Filtration Unit Lead Monitoring
  • Service Building Asbestos/Lead Sampling
  • Powerhouse No. 2 Gate Repair Pit Lead Air/Dust Monitoring
  • Lead and Volatile Organic Compound Monitoring
  • Spillway Gate Repair Asbestos/Lead Sampling

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers/Voith Hydro
Cascade Locks, Oregon

Scope of Services:

  • Health & Safety Services