Del Monte

PBS was retained by Del Monte to assist their North Portland operations to achieve compliance with current stormwater regulations. The facility is located in the Rivergate area of North Portland, and processes large quantities of fresh fruits and vegetables for the consumer market.

PBS found that a portion of their process involved handling waste material in a covered exterior location. The size of the covered area was determined to be insufficiently sized to prevent runoff of liquid wastes from impacting the facility’s stormwater system. Waste storage containers were routinely stored in areas of direct impact by rainfall, which resulted in fruit and vegetable materials being discharged to the storm system.

PBS assisted the facility with planning and preliminary design for site improvements. Our recommendations included reconfiguring the existing storm system, re-grading the storage pads, installing a sanitary sewer connection and improving the curbing for the storage area. We also prepared a Stormwater Pollution Control Plan (SWPCP) to meet a 1200-Z stormwater permit conditions for the facility.

PBS also assisted Del Monte in successfully disputing a high-strength wastewater surcharge imposed by the local municipality by performing engineering calculations and other documentation, which demonstrated that sampling and analysis results used as the basis of the surcharge were not representative of overall wastewater characteristics.

Del Monte
Portland, Oregon

Scope of Services:

  • Waste Handling
  • Stormwater Design
  • Site Design