PacifiCorp Klondike Wind Energy

A Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) was conducted by PBS for a large property located in north-central Oregon. This Phase I ESA was requested by PacifiCorp Power Marketing (PPM) as part of their environmental due diligence associated with leasing areas of the property for construction of electricity-generating windmills. The subject property was an irregularly shaped area of over 5,500 acres located in a rural/agricultural area of Oregon with a very low population density.

A railroad formerly crossed the southwest section of the area, with a stop at the grain elevator in the town of Klondike. Surrounding properties were in agricultural use, or already developed with wind turbines. PBS later provided PPM with an update of this Phase I ESA, and again no environmental conditions of significant concern were identified. The site had been developed with 16 windmill turbines with associated pad-mounted transformers. Several temporary buildings were present, serving as office and maintenance facilities for the wind farm.

Portland, Oregon

Scope of Services:

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Phase I Update