Sanyo Solar

PBS assisted Sanyo Solar Industries in the commissioning of their state-of-the-art solar cell manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon. Construction of the facility required several analyses related to hazardous materials usage and to the discharge of wastewater and air contaminants from the proposed manufacturing process.

PBS worked closely with Sanyo in the preliminary design of the manufacturing process to evaluate various options for chemical storage, usage and management, and to characterize potential wastewater and air emissions discharges for permitting purposes. PBS also evaluated various approaches to pollution control at the new facility, and  performed various “consequence analyses” that resulted in the identification of manufacturing and pollution control options that are expected to provide operational flexibility and to lessen the overall permitting burden on the facility.

After these preliminary evaluations, PBS obtained the necessary engineering and process information from Sanyo and compiled the required permit applications and related documentation for submittal to regulatory agencies. We provided support to Sanyo throughout the agencies’ review process and evaluated proposed permit conditions and associated environmental compliance requirements. Our teamwork with Sanyo resulted in the issuance of wastewater and air discharge permits that provide maximum operational flexibility to the manufacturing operation.

Sanyo Solar
Salem, Oregon

Scope of Services:

  • Environmental Regulatory Compliance  Assistance
  • Air Quality and Wastewater Discharge  Permitting
  • Air Emissions Inventory Development
  • Hazardous Materials Management