Walton Place Affordable Housing

The Bellingham Housing Authority sought to convert a former soda bottling and distribution plant into a low-income housing development named Walton Place I/II. PBS supported Beacon Development and the Bellingham Housing Authority by initially providing underground storage tank and hazardous materials consulting services in support of the abatement and demolition of the former Walton Beverage Site.

PBS had conducted an environmental site assessment that identified several underground storage tanks and the likelihood of associated contaminated soils. PBS prepared underground storage tank removal and soil remediation design specifications for public bid. The bid documents were incorporated into the architect’s design package for the site demolition, development, and new building construction.

Upon excavation of the underground storage tanks, it became apparent that the extent of petroleum soil contamination was much greater than anticipated and had migrated beneath the adjacent right-of-way. PBS supported the additional investigation and sampling to determine the extent of contamination. PBS developed a revised remediation plan for use by the contractor. Additionally, PBS supported a review and approval of civil plans for shoring to support the adjacent sidewalk and street to be undermined during remediation activities.

PBS oversaw and documented the removal of approximately 465 tons of petroleum-contaminated soil from the site. PBS prepared a report upon completion of remediation and site restoration activities which included a site activities summary, laboratory analytical information, and scientific data analysis to satisfy Ecology site concerns.

PBS was able to keep the project on track and on schedule. PBS interfaced with Ecology representatives throughout the cleanup process and achieved “no further action” (NFA) for the site. The planned project was able to move forward with no environmental encumbrances.

Bellingham Housing Authority & Beacon Development
Bellingham, Washington

Scope of Services:

  • UST Decommissioning/Closure
  • Phase I/II Environmental Site Assessments
  • Soil & Groundwater Sampling
  • Remediation Consultation/Design
  • VCP Consultation
  • NFA Achievement
  • Hazardous Materials Investigation
  • Abatement Design/Oversight