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PBS’ training manager works with school districts, private companies, government and public agencies to bring customized, accredited training classes to their employees. The types of classes offered include:

AHERA / OSHA Asbestos Training

AHERA Asbestos Inspector Course (3 days, $500)

This training is required for individuals taking bulk samples of suspect asbestos-containing building materials or performing asbestos surveys prior to renovation or demolition activities in residential or commercial properties. The Inspector course covers identification, locating, and assessing asbestos-containing materials and presents intricate detail on how to perform a survey, take bulk samples, and comply with state and federal regulations. The training provides classroom instruction and hands-on training. Attendees will use bulk sample field forms, laboratory chain of custody forms, sampling tools, and learn how to write an asbestos survey report. EPA approved.


AHERA Asbestos Management Planner Course (2 days, $375)

The Management Planner Course is for Inspectors who are responsible for updating an AHERA Management Plan and/or recommending which response options will be used on an abatement project. This training covers asbestos hazard assessments, evaluating and interpreting survey results, warning signs and labeling requirements, O&M procedures, emergency response actions and recordkeeping. EPA approved.


AHERA Asbestos Project Designer Course (3 days, $950)

This three-day course covers the components of designing asbestos response actions. It will address abatement methods, specifications and bid documents, safety concerns, state-of-the-art technology, and cost factors. Written project designs and visual inspections are discussed in detail. EPA approved.


Asbestos Class III Operations & Maintenance Worker Training (2 days, $250)

For anyone who performs small-scale maintenance or repair activities that may impact asbestos-containing materials (ACM). This course provides hands-on training, so workers can safely perform routine maintenance duties on or around ACM. Examples of Class III asbestos work include repairing or replacing broken pipes or valves that have asbestos wrapping, replacing damaged floor or ceiling tiles, drilling into asbestos wallboard, work on light fixtures, replacing roofing tiles, repairing window glaze or putty and other general building maintenance. This course fulfills the requirements of AHERA, Chapter 40, Part 763 and Federal OSHA 29, CFR, 1926.1101.


Asbestos Inspector and Management Planner Refresher (4 hours, $195)

PBS provides refresher training for Asbestos Inspectors and Management Planners and has a webinar-based refresher for Asbestos Inspectors. This comprehensive training covers all required EPA topics and industry updates. A discounted registration fee is offered to those signing up for both the Inspector and Management Planner Refresher. The online Inspector Refresher has a live instructor to answer your questions in real time providing the benefits of superior training and the convenience of online delivery.


Online and On-site Asbestos, Lead, and Silica Awareness Training

Convenient, online or on-site awareness level training for groups or individuals needing asbestos, lead or silica awareness training. Call 503.248.1939 to schedule your online or on-site training.

Lead Training

Lead Inspector 24 hrs. ($800)

This Oregon Health Authority (OHA) approved training thoroughly covers the surface-by-surface inspection process for lead paint, soil and dust. Detailed information is presented by experienced instructors with years of lead inspection field work. The training covers lead background, health effects, regulations, liability and insurance issues, and puts into practice EPA and HUD protocols for visual inspections and detecting lead, XRF theory and use, sample analysis, and preparing a lead inspection report. Passing a state exam within 6 months of completing this training is required to receive OHA certification. This course meets the requirements of EPA TSCA Title X and 40 CFR 745, HUD 24 CFR 35 and OAR 333-069.


Lead Risk Assessor (16 hours, $650)

This OHA approved course details the investigation of properties for lead hazards using EPA methods and HUD Guidelines. Risk assessment includes gathering data, interviewing owners/occupants, conducting visual assessments, identifying hazards, water sampling, interpreting sample results, clearance testing, selecting abatement or control strategies and liability issues. Completion of the Lead Inspector training is a pre-requisite for this training. Passing a state exam within 6 months of completing this training is required to receive OHA certification. This course meets the requirements of EPA TSCA Title X and 40 CFR 745, HUD 24 CFR 35 and OAR 333-069.


Lead Inspector Refresher (8 hours, $340)

The refresher provides a thorough review of Lead Inspector course topics and presents industry and regulatory updates. This OHA approved training is required every three years to maintain certification. A copy of current certification must be provided. This course meets the requirements of EPA TSCA Title X and 40 CFR 745, HUD 24 CFR 35 and OAR 333-069.


Lead Awareness Training

For personnel who perform work where lead-based paint may be disturbed. The training will cover aspects of handling lead-based paint relevant to the type of work performed by your personnel. Topics include characteristics of lead-based paint and materials, background uses and the health effects of lead exposure, the identification of lead-based paint and materials, personal protection, work practices and OSHA / EPA regulatory standards. This course fulfills the requirements of Federal OSHA 29, CFR 1926.62l

Lead-Based Paint Operations & Maintenance Course (8 hours)

Training for maintenance workers to reduce exposure to lead while maintaining and managing lead-based paint in place. Routine building maintenance and repainting activities can disturb lead- based paint and create hazards. The theme of the course, “Work smart, work wet, work clean to work lead safe!” reflects its goal to prevent exposure to lead dust hazards for school children, residents, workers, and workers’ families during and after routine maintenance, repainting, and repair projects.


Other Hazardous Materials Training

OSHA Compliant Silica Awareness Training

This training course is designed to meet the requirements of the new silica standard. The training covers background information on silica, potential health effects associated with silica exposure; engineering controls, proper work practices, respiratory protection and other applicable components of OSHA’s silica standard. This course complies with the requirements of 29 CFR 1926.1153 (i) (2), Employee Information and Training.

PCBs / Mercury Training

This two-hour class teaches participants how to inspect buildings and facilities for PCBs and PCB spills associated with fluorescent light fixtures and for mercury-containing fluorescent lamp tubes. It also provides an overview of PCB and mercury health effects, environmental laws, and cleanup and disposal regulations. A four-hour version of the class provides hands-on training in PCB cleanup practices, safe handling techniques, personal protection equipment (PPE), disposal manifesting, and other crucial skills. Both training classes comply with EPA regulations in 40 CFR 761 and OSHA regulations in 29 CFR 1910.

On-Site Training Courses

PBS offers on-site training that can be customized to fit your organization’s unique training requirements and scheduled at your convenience.

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