Lead Training

All lead training courses conducted by PBS are based on the proposed EPA Model Training Course Curriculum.

Operations and Maintenance Course (8 hour)
Training for maintenance workers to reduce exposure to lead while maintaining and managing lead-based paint in place. This course is important because routine building maintenance and repainting activities can disturb lead-based paint and create hazards. The theme of the course, “Work smart, work wet, work clean to work lead safe!” reflects its goal to prevent exposure to lead dust hazards for school children, residents, workers, and workers’ families during and after routine maintenance, repainting, and repair projects. The class is practical, interactive, and hands-on and was developed by the National Environmental Training Association under a grant from EPA and HUD.

OSHA Lead Training (8 hour)
A one-day course provides a thorough review of the OSHA Lead in Construction Standard (29 CFR 1926.62), employee protection, and how to develop the mandatory written compliance program.